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Welcome to Marking Methods, Inc.®

Since 1954 Marking Methods has specialized in providing quality marking equipment and services. Whatever your application or material, we can offer quick, accurate, cost-effective marking solutions you can depend on job after job.

Marking Methods Services Include:

  • Permanent, high-precision laser marking, engraving & light cutting of plastics and metals
  • Permanent, controlled-depth electro-chemical (chem etch) marking of conductive metals like aluminum, stainless steel, carbide, etc.
  • Hot stamping and pad printing of plastic, ceramic and elastomeric products in bright, bold colors or vivid foils
  • Micro-Percussion Marking, Dot Peen (Stylus/Pin) Marking of metals and other substrates to 62 HRC
  • VibroEtch marking vibrating tool makes permanent indents in many materials

Capability Examples

  • Coding - One dimentional (bar) & two dimentional (data matrix & UID)
  • Dials, scales, grids and graduation marks
  • Graphics and logos images
  • Tags, labels and nameplates
  • Serial numbers, lot numbers and date codes
  • Laser cut foam tool drawer shadow inserts

2D Data Matrix Marking

2D Data Matrix marking is commonly used for Direct Part Marking (DPM) of machine-readable 2-D codes. The main purpose of 2D Data Matrix marking on parts is to be able to be verified throughout the lifespan of the part. The advantage of 2D marking is the traceability, improving manufacturing efficiency, quality control, and inventory management.

2D Data matrix marking satisfies a number of industry specific and government mandates, including U.S. Department of Defense IUID (Item Unique Identification). The process involves permanent marking of the IUID code, verifying the readability of the code, and then reading the code during manufacturing and life of the part.